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My kind of White Rice

Ingredients:Long grain White riceWater ~ Agua1 tsp Sea Salt1 tbsp Vegetable or Olive Oil (I usually jump between Vegetable Oil and Olive Oil)1 Garlic clove peeled (garlic powder also works, half a tsp/dash) Steps: Add your desired number of cups of rice to a… Continue Reading “My kind of White Rice”

Jay’s Red Salsa

My husband and I enjoy most of our time together cooking in the kitchen. Making Salsa for us is a Saturday hangout treasure. We make drinks and we just relax while cutting up fresh ingredients and spending time together. I wanted to share this… Continue Reading “Jay’s Red Salsa”

Growing up…

I have learned a lot throughout the course of this depression battle for the past few months. I learned more about myself though mostly. One particular harsh reality was how much I am like my parents. The distribution of these qualities during development was… Continue Reading “Growing up…”