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What she didn’t know…

Growing up I was always left out of the loop. Like, there were no family meetings, no “hey, by the way” moments – unless it was to tell me something to do. I grew up in silence because, as a Parental child, it is… Continue Reading “What she didn’t know…”

This might get me in trouble…

Sometimes I get fed up. Like 150% ready to walk out type fed up. Marriage is hard. They don’t tell you about the un-death until you part, good, bad, ugly, all that… It’s rough! My patience runs thin. I wonder why things are being… Continue Reading “This might get me in trouble…”

Jay’s Red Salsa

My husband and I enjoy most of our time together cooking in the kitchen. Making Salsa for us is a Saturday hangout treasure. We make drinks and we just relax while cutting up fresh ingredients and spending time together. I wanted to share this… Continue Reading “Jay’s Red Salsa”

Growing up…

I have learned a lot throughout the course of this depression battle for the past few months. I learned more about myself though mostly. One particular harsh reality was how much I am like my parents. The distribution of these qualities during development was… Continue Reading “Growing up…”

Tiffany Elise, who is she?

I’m here to share my story. To give hope to finding a new perspective on the hurt and pain I have endured throughout my life. To share my story and hopefully help another human, like me, who can relate. Who does she think she… Continue Reading “Tiffany Elise, who is she?”